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Will Parker

Musician & Teaching Artist

Improv | Creativity | Faith



Will Parker is an award-winning musician and teaching artist from Texas. Will writes and performs music for kids and adults, and he teaches workshops on songwriting, improvisation, and the intersection of creativity and spirituality. He has a passion for building arts-based communities, and helping people of all ages discover the confidence they need to unlock their innately creative selves.



Music for Kids Ages 1-100

Will regularly tours the country, playing high-energy shows for kids. During his whimsical and interactive concerts, he plays guitar and harmonica and sings original songs that engage the audience in singing-along, dancing, high-fiving, and imaginative play. He has released two award-winning children’s albums, and he has an active YouTube channel featuring fun and entertaining musical content for kids.


Will and his wife, Cecelia, join forces to bring you their band, Blue Raspberry. Will and Cecelia co-write and sing original songs about mental health, healing, and navigating life with a spirit of joy.


Folk Punk Dad

Folk Punk Dad is Will's solo project. Will has been immersed in a wide range of musical influences over the years--as is apparent in his tendency to fuse genres. From alt-rap to folk-punk to indie rock, he uses a variety of styles in his songs. Seen on guitar, ukulele and harmonica, his shows are engaging and high-energy. He writes and sings about mental health, recovery, healing, hope, and whatever else is on his mind and heart.

Junkyard Fort

Junkyard Fort blends the creativity of Olivia Catterton, Sam Fuller and Will Parker -- along with featured artists -- into an energetic, blood pumping musical experience. They sing raw, energetic songs about anger, social anxiety, abuse, grief and the joy of being human.



Public Universal Friends

Public Universal Friends (aka PUF Players) are a musical improv troupe based in New Haven, CT that also practices spiritual reflection as a part of their work. At their shows, they perform short and long-form musical improv, and after the show, they engage the audience in talk back discussions about the intersection of spirituality, creativity, music, and improvisation.




Improv: Skills for Theatre and Life

Songwriting: From Start to Finish
Creativity: Unblocking the Flow
Improvisational Singing as Prayer
Creativity & Faith


Musical Improv and the Holy Trinity

and more


Talks and Presentations 

For Youth

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Feeling Feelings



and more

For Adults
Creativity and Faith

Addiction Recovery & the Arts

Music and Mental Health

Improvisation as a Way of Life


and more

Professional Development

Arts-Integrated Curriculum Planning

Social Emotional Learning Through the Arts 

Improvisation Skills for Classroom Teachers

Community-Making and Belonging in the Classroom

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