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for kids and adults

Improv: Skills for Theatre & Life

In this workshop, participants will learns principles of improv and how to apply these principles to living their lives to their greatest potential.

From Start to Finish

Through this intensive songwriting workshop, participants will create a song from start to finish over the course of the three hours. Seasoned songwriters and complete beginners can participate.

Unblocking the Flow

Participants will tap into their innate creativity as they explore the question: What blocks us from being creative? What do we need to unlearn in order to unlock the natural creativity within us?

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Improvisational Singing as Prayer

Designed specifically for churches and communities of faith, this workshop can be facilitated during Christian formation hour as a Sunday school class or at any time. Participants will explore praying through improvised singing, both as individuals and as a large group.

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Creativity & Faith

This interactive workshop explores the intersection of creativity and faith. When we create, are we co-creating with God? How can creativity serve as a spiritual practice for connecting with the Divine?

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In this workshop, participants engage in teambuilding activities that will build trust and a sense of belonging in the group. Ideal for any group that seeks to grow in connection, effectiveness, and adaptability.

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