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Friends from Everywhere
Booking Collective

Like-Minded Artists Entertaining, Educating, and Inspiring

As I began to find success an independent musician and teaching artist, booking libraries and schools across the country, I felt inspired to help my fellow artists and friends do the same. I work with a select number of artists whose music and mission I strongly believe in, and who I think libraries and educational institutions across the country would greatly benefit from bringing to their communities.

While we each offer unique experiences for audiences, we also often collaborate together artistically and logistically--touring together, contributing to each other's recordings, giving feedback to each other on our programs, and supporting each other's artistic visions for creating the world we want to see.

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Myles Bullen

Myles is an indigenous spoken word poet and hip-hop artist whose authentic and playful songs often tackle themes of mental health, healing, friendship, and creating a better world. For next summer they are offering a variety of programs including a performance geared toward the summer reading theme, All Together Now: Friendship, Unity, and Kindness. In addition to performances, he offers creative writing workshops aimed at helping participants find their voice to express themselves and share their stories. 

Justin Arena

Justin's interactive storytelling program, Justin's Fantastic Friends, encourages authentic self-expression and imagination. Justin will take participants on a journey through a world of imaginative characters, and the narrative focuses on searching for identify and the power of friendship to accomplish challenges. Justin's program is unique because the kids will also draw and create their own characters as a part of the presentation!

Justin is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, and they perform concerts for adults and teens. In their music, they create stories about 

healthily digesting themes of grief, taking care of yourself, and how to truly love.


A Day Without Love

A Day Without Love is the music project fronted by Brian Walker whose earnest and energetic songs span a breadth of topics including friendship, mental health, and social justice. For next summer’s reading themes of All Together Now and Find Your Voice, Brian’s concert will feature his songs about social justice, following your dreams, and the importance of community and friendships. He will also discuss these topics between songs and include a Q&A after his performance which will focus on inspiring others to follow their creative or artistic passions, the importance of having a community of support to do so, and how to find or create that community.

Will Parker

Will Parker puts on a fun, interactive show for the whole family! Accompanying himself on guitar and harmonica, he plays original songs for kids from his award-winning children’s albums. Throughout the show, the audience engages through singing-along, dancing, high-fiving, imaginative play and they even help Will create an improvised song through their suggestions and input on “what should happen next.” For summer 2023 reading theme, All Together Now, Will plans to incorporate new original material about friendship and kindness. He will also engage the kids in conversation about the unifying power of music and how it can bring people together to have special, unique experiences which can inspire transformative change. 



BlueRaspberry has been described as joy-punk, compassion core, and wholesome psychiatric death folk for the inner child. Together, Will and Cecelia Parker write songs about mental illness, love, monsters, and existential dread. They released their debut full-length album, "The Harmless Haunt," in January 2023. The couple is based in New Haven, Connecticut, and they regularly tour the country. Will and Cecelia are also known as Folk Punk Dad and Manic Pixie Dream Mom on TikTok where they are internet parents to over 160,000 cool kids. They also offer Q&A's after their shows, and their programs can specifically incorporate discussion around mental health.

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